Save Space With a Double Arm Desk Mount System

With today’s focus on technology in the work place, a solution to save space and eliminate clutter is necessary for increasing efficiency. Many office personnel, especially those who work in the information technology industry use double LCD monitors. Having two monitors on a desk in addition to all the other necessary desk items can make it cumbersome to work. But there is a space saving solution that is ideal for this type of set up. A double arm desk mount system will allow you the freedom to work with your monitors while saving space.

Mounts double arm desk mount can actually be used either as a desk mount or wall mount solution. The desk mount system is perfect for work stations and is a low cost solution to help prevent clutter and look attractive all while being extremely functional. The double arm mount affixes easily and securely to a desk with minimal effort. You can use it on any type of desk in a matter of minutes by simply following the easy to follow instructions. Likewise, the wall mount is equally easy to install and is ideal for offices where the desk or work area fits against the wall.

The double arm mount unit fits monitors from fifteen to nineteen inches so it is ideal for office set ups. You can adjust the height so it is at a comfortable viewing range and also tilt the unit 30 degrees up or down. You can even do this for each monitor so if you want to position each one differently, you can do this. The arm also swivels which is a great space-saving solution. If you have a meeting in your office or want to work on papers without the need for using the computer, you can easily turn the monitor away for even more room.

When you are not using the computer, turning the computer away from the desk allows you more room, looks less cluttered and is also a better security and privacy measure so nobody can see over your shoulder. If your office or your department has a need for dual monitors, consider using the desk mount system. This is easy to use, convenient and space saving. But even with all those advantages, it has the added benefit of being attractive too. Whether you have a traditional office environment or an ultra modern look, this desk mount will work perfectly with your office decor.

The desk mount system for dual monitors has many advantages. Obviously, it saves space, allowing you to have more usable surface area on your desk. It eliminates clutter and allows you to be more organized. It can even enhance security and privacy by allowing you to swivel the desk mount system away from you when needed. All this and it is attractive in the office space. But the best part of this desk mount and wall mount solution is that it is inexpensive. Instead of having to purchase more furniture, this double arm desk mount system will fit into anyone’s budget.