Healthy work, healthy living
GIBBON MOUNTS is based on ergonomic technology and introduces innovative ergonomic products around two major scenes: office and home. A variety of products have been developed such as monitor / notebook brackets, multi-screen display brackets, standing display brackets, lifting tables, lifting tables, and television pylons and television carts. Through ergonomics technology, for users to achieve a healthy office and home experience.

GIBBON MOUNTS has a 22-person R&D team, including engineers in mechanic & electronic fields. To support our customers, we develop and launch more than 30 new models annually, keeping them having strong competitive capability & always at the forefront of the market trends.

Draw on the wisdom of your partner and trust in his strength. GIBBON MOUNTS relies on virtue, honesty is the foundation, innovation wins. Efficient communication and execution. Gratitude to employees, gratitude to customers, return to the business philosophy of the society, deep cultivation of the market, subdivision of the industry. Discover and meet the individual needs of different customers of the research and development concept, precise positioning, create a brand.