Folding Desk VM-SD33 Sit Stand Desktop Smart Lifting Workstation

Relieve Neck or Back Pain: When you are standing, it enables the neck, back, and hip muscles to be activated. This prevents the muscles from weakening.
Help Shape Your Body: Sit-stand desk encourages you to stand more and sit less. It helps burn extra calories and prevent cardiovascular disease.
Improve Blood Circulation: Sitting for too long can impede proper circulation and cause uncomfortable swelling of the ankles and feet. Standing desks make it easy to transition from sitting to standing.


36 INCHES WIDE ROOMY WORK SURFACE —– This sit stand computer workstation features a large, 35.5″ x 23″ surface,  Can hold weigh up to 33 pounds, providing a solid surface to write or type on.
SPACIOUS REMOVABLE KEYBOARD TRAY —– Removable keyboard tray measures at 35.4″ x 8″, gives your full sized keyboard and mouse a enough substantial space on the same level.
SMARTPHONE AND TABLET PC GROOVE—– The groove design allows you keep your tablet or phones at an easy viewing angle and within arm’s reach at all times. It also allows you to work standing up which can help with your posture and relieve lower back discomfort.
ADJUST HEIGHT WITH GAS SPRING ARM —– The height is adjustable from 4.7 inches to 16.7 inches, you can adjust the desk between sitting and standing. Easy to Adjust and Fully assembled, take it out of the box, put it on your existing desk, and then you’re done.



28.6 LBS