Triangle Surface Sit And Stand Desk VM-LD07T

Work Without Interruption:Allows you to efficiently adjust it in seconds without any cranking or clicking, so you can stand up and sit down without breaking your focus or distracting your colleagues. Never worry about wobbling or tilting, as our advanced manufacturing process brings that the desk can hold up to 30 lbs and stays stable at any height. Using our proprietary dual-robot welding technology,Quality standards and is engineered to last a lifetime.
Work Healthier:Allow you to effortlessly convert between sitting and standing, encouraging movement, enhancing focus, and boosting your metabolism. Unlike other sit-stand desks that are limited to set positions,Can be raised or lowered to your desired height level for proper posture and the perfect ergonomic fit. Say goodbye to slouching and back pain!
Work Smarter:Spacious two-tiered setup is designed for ultimate productivity. The upper surface can accommodate dual-monitor setups and arms, while the lower tray has plenty of room to hold your laptop, or a keyboard, mouse, and others. Our meticulous design also includes a groove for propping up tablets/smartphones. You will never have to deal with the hassle of moving these components when adjusting your desk!
vertical sit and stand using experience

sturdy structure with no wigging when heightadjusted and used

innovative one touch height lock mechanism

Triangle surface is suitable for corner working environment


INFINITE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENTS: Unlike other sit-to-stand desks that are limited to pre-set positions,Lets you find the exact height level for the correct posture and perfect ergonomic fit
SPACE EFFICIENT DESIGN: This 28.7” adjustable desk has all Ergonomic standing desk benefits in a corner-friendly triangle design. It fits in regular space and corner cubicles perfectly. It can accommodate up to 27-inch monitor and your laptop (on the keyboard tray)
BEST-IN-CLASS STABILITY & DURABILITY: Engineered for stability, gas springs are tested over 100,000 cycles to ensure most durability. No tipping, bouncing, wobbling or tilting up and down, left to right. Holds up to 30 pounds
EFFORTLESS AND VIRTUALLY SILENT: Just by a light squeeze of the single lever, Locking mechanism allows you quietly and effortlessly adjust your desk between sitting and standing positions. Zero-noise, no cranking, no clicking